Relationship Dynamics
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Sample of relevant work completed


         Taught courses in a wide variety of communication and management topics.  These include the following:  Leadership, dealing with conflict, understanding others to increase sales, management, team building, working together, performance management, presentation skills, negotiation skills, recruitment interviewing techniques, etc.

         Designed staff learning and development system.  Linked company competencies (about 18) to development suggestions including courses, self-paced programs, mentoring, etc.  This was linked in with the performance planning and management process, including a company-wide 360 degree feedback process. 

         Wrote workbooks and other resources.  These include the following topics:  Leadership, management, workplace relations, recruitment and selection, on the job coaching, dealing with conflict, workplace training, presentation skills, communication in business, performance management.

         Coached executives in presentation skills.  I have also taught over 400 people the skills of preparing and presenting a speech.

         Implemented a 360 degree feedback process.  This was used across the entire organisation.

         Designed and facilitated a leadership program.  This was run for all managers from executives through all levels to team leaders in an organisation of around 300.  It included 360 degree feedback using the Leadership Practices Inventory.  Specific actions for change were planned and later evaluated.

         Ran team workshops to assist in understanding individual differences.  This was for a team that was preparing to undertake some particularly difficult and challenging work.

         Presented a series of lunchtime seminars.  A medium sized organisation ran a series of lunchtime seminars on understanding others better (using DISC), increasing sales, decision making (using Six Thinking Hats), Transactional Analysis (for dealing with difficult clients/colleagues), etc.  All staff were invited to book in and turn up with their lunch.  Attendance was voluntary but lead to staff feeling that they were being given something, and also gave an indication of interest in further courses.


I have mostly described the larger projects here, but I am equally happy running a short course or even a lunch time seminar for organisations of any size.  Experience in running my own small business and contact with many others who have done the same help me to understand their different needs.