Relationship Dynamics
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    Comments from past course participants


    “Thanks from the great seminar today.  It was inspiring and very professional – definitely a great step towards making this a better workplace.  Excellantaaa.”


    “I went into the course not knowing what to expect but came away knowing that I gained so much from it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and think you did a terrific job.”


    “I just wanted to tell you how effective, smooth and efficient I thought the training today was.”


    “I enjoyed the course, good fun, interesting and most certainly take some valuable hints and tips that I will use going forward.”


    “This course gave me an insight into the level of influence that a good leader can have on work interactions.  The thing I liked best was that it gave me a different perspective on leadership.” (leadership course)


    “I am now more aware of others around me and how they are different.  I know how to make adjustments to the way I interact with them.”


    “This course gave me a lot of new ideas.”


    “I am now more aware of how I interact with others and how my behaviour affects their work and attitude.”


    “This course exceeded my expectations.”


    “I can now present with a little more confidence and less panic.”  (presentation skills course)