Relationship Dynamics
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I offer coaching and workshops with the aim of helping people understand each other better, to improve work and personal situations.  


My main focus is on Personality Type workshops, and I love to run these for both home/community groups and businesses. 


Understanding Personality Type can help you to

  • understand your own strengths and weaknesses
  • understand natural tendencies of other people, so that "annoying habits" can become less annoying, you can enjoy each others strengths, and you can learn to live or work together better
  • understand customers'/clients' needs and how they prefer to be related to
  • better understand your team, as manager or team member, so that you can work with their strengths and weaknesses
  • cope better with stress

Some courses may be able to be taken online if you are not near by.


Follow the link to "How I can help you" for more specific information about how understanding personality type can help different groups - work and personal.



Brief personal background


         14 years experience in designing and facilitating training, with 10 of those being in the areas of communication and management

         6 years experience running my own small business

         Experience working in Human Resources and as Learning and Development Manager in a corporate environment

         Accredited and experienced in MBTI (Myers Briggs) Personality Typing

         Accredited and experienced in TMI (Team Management Inventory) and TWI (Types of Work Inventory)

         Experienced in teaching DISC temperament type system and LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory)

         Degree in Psychology with Graduate study in Workplace Education and Training

         Studied courses in training, project management, presentation skills, sales, teaching online, and other software, counseling skills and various hospitality subjects