Relationship Dynamics
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In both work and personal situations, we benefit from understanding a bit about how others view the world and how they think.

  • You may work in management or sales, and be trying to motivate your employees to work harder or your customers to buy.
  • You may be in a relationship that has elements of frustration - "Why does he/she always do that?!"
  • You may be seeking to understand your own children and some of the causes for their behaviour.
  • You may be wanting to build up a small business.
  • You may need to work with a team on an important project.

In any of these situations and more, better understanding those around you can bring great benefits.


I offer customised workshops in various topics that will help you to understand others better and improve your relationships, your management, your own work habits, your sales, etc. These can be for small groups, even in a home (community groups, mothers groups, etc) or for organisations (large or small, one department or the whole organisation). Because the workshops are customised, they will be made relevant to your individual situation. I can also work with individuals, such as managers who are trying to improve their performance or solve particular people problems.


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